16 January 2015

Oh my Heart - A quick turn around from Idea to a quilt top - Kinda

My Husband bought me these Tetris stickers that look like the terminos.  He knows I like to play the game and create shapes.  He bought them while he was on a business trip and had some time to kill before flying home. There are many who have made Tetris quilts, and I may have mentioned it to him.  At any rate he saw them and snatched them up. This was one of my Christmas gifts.

When I saw the outlines for suggested shapes one can make with the stickers I thought VALENTINE WALL HANGING.

The Inspiration - struck just Tuesday
I created a key for myself and picked out fabrics from my stash.  The red and white one has arrows with heart-shaped arrowheads.  There are some scraps of some red Kona, pretty light pink floral, red with white polka dots, a light pink with white hearts and a super sweet stripe with pink bars and little rose buds.  

I used low volume charms from an online low-volume charm swap and other low volume fabrics in my stash.

I know it's kind of hard to see, but it is a pretty heart.  It is a LOT bigger than I imagined it.  I probably should have used 2.5 inch squares instead of the 3.5 inch squares.  Each row has 13 squares.

Blocks sewn together for a Valentine Surprise
So far this is the quickest turn around I have done from idea to sewn.  I still need to sew the strips together.  I am pleased with the quick turn around and decided to stop sewing at 12:30 am.

I took a few quick pictures and wanted to share my "Friday Finish".  I promise to post more pictures when I sew the strips together and get it all cute and quilty.

I am thinking about adding a muslin border about 6.5 inches around the whole thing to help the reds and pinks stand out.  I also thought about adding a grey and white chevron fabric border, but then perhaps that might compete with the reds and pinks.

Sound off and tell me what you would do!  I love getting comments from the community.