20 February 2017

WIP Finished for Refugee Family

Somehow the past year and some feels like a blur. I have been a stay at home mom for almost 15 months. I took a leave of absence/loss of mojo for about two years, but I am getting my feet wet again and I want to share about this blanket I finished.

I started it back in 2013, and it stayed folded up and stored. 

The women's group at my church, called the Relief Society, adopted a refugee family through UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council). We gathered household items and fully furnished an apartment. My heart was moved with compassion and I had at least 4 quilt tops waiting to be finished, so I decided to donate the top, batting and back. I didn't have enough time to machine quilt it; and I wanted to include other ladies in our Relief Society to help finish the quilt, so we tied it. I brought it to our church during the day and some ladies took turns helping me mark and tie the quilt. One lady even brought her homeschooling sons and used the quilt tying as a review math lesson. We used 100% cotton thin yarn and darning needles.

Once it was tied, I brought it home, did my best to square the quilt. I machine bound it with scraps left over from the blocks on the quilt. I made a roll of binding for this quilt shortly after I finished piecing the back.

I felt so happy that I had this quilt in a state of "readiness", and ready to be finished waiting in my closet.