All about Me

So many things to share, where to start?  How about a list!

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I am the oldest child in my family and known as "the boss" amongst my siblings

I earned a Bachelors of Science from Brigham Young University - Idaho

I married my sweet baboo in 2007

I taught high school for 6 years (5 in classroom 1 online)

I have always enjoyed sewing and crafts, but have had to practice the art of creating

I finished my first quilt at age 18 - it held up for 13 years with HEAVY use

I have sewed, altered and embellished my own clothing since 1993 (all were not attractive)

I have finished about 10 quilts - 8 of which were completed in the last 3 years

Fabric makes my heart happy and I use emotional connections in order to pick out fabrics and quilt patterns

My husband and I are FINALLY PREGNANT by way of IVF.  We are expecting TWINS in December 2015!  We are both over the moon.