12 November 2013

My First Post

After the loss of my job in Fall of 2013, I fumbled around for a purpose.  I decided to re-commit myself to quilting and efforts to expand our family.  I am excited to share with you my thoughts, lessons learned and craftiness I attempt.  Sometimes in life, as with sewing, you make a mistake and have to stop, slow yourself and change your frame of mind. 

My husband and I decided it was time, after being married for six years, (and hyper-emotional fertility) to educate ourselves about the adoption process.  We learned about costs, qualifications, and wait time.  We turned in an application for a local adoption agency and are currently waiting to be assigned a social worker.

It sounds counter-intuitive to start an expensive process when laid-off, but the hubs decided to research how we could fund the costs of adoption.  We started an online fundraiser and have been very pleased with the amount of donations made.  

If you are interested in donating, please see our fundly website here