22 September 2014

Growing the Family One Step at a Time

It has been QUITE a while since I have blogged about increasing the number of members of our family.  Attitudes have changed and we have experienced emotional and spiritual growth.

We came to the conclusion that being foster parents would not be in our best interests.  As we took the classes offered by our county human services department, Ken and I became polarized in the ages that we would want to foster.  Our opinions caused hurt feelings and divisiveness in our relationship.  We came to the conclusion if we were in this much disagreement before we have children staying with us, then who knows what sort of turmoil having a child with baggage may cause.  In addition, there would be additional monthly expenses that could not be factored into our already tight budget.

We are currently working with a nationally top rated fertility clinic to add babies to our family.  The physician sat us down and in no uncertain terms explained I had reached my lifetime limit of clomid and femara.  These drugs stimulate ovulation, however in my body, they also cause large cysts formed on my ovaries.  We were told that IVF or embryo adoption would be our ONLY options.  The physician also told me that my weight (which had increased steadily as I took the various courses of clomid and femara) needed to decrease by 40-50 pounds.  

I have been a round chubby person my WHOLE life.  Working out and eating fewer calories has NEVER worked for me.  The problems that I have with fertility also exacerbate my weight problems.  I was prescribed a medication that helps my neurotransmitters associated with appetite and satiation.  I have also been being held accountable for my food choices by a friend in which we made the same commitments to one another.  We offer encouragement to each other and "confess" when we make mistakes.

So since August 30th I have lost 17 pounds.  

I am grateful for the encouragement of my dear husband and other friends for their encouragement.

And as an additional bonus through my employer, I earned a Carnival cruise to the BAHAMAS.  Ken and I are not the "go on a vacation" type.  Vacation to us is a road trip or accompanying my husband while he's traveling for work.  This is going to be super exciting for the both of us.