13 January 2015

Deanna's Dresden Quilt Top Finish

I am so very excited about this finish.  I started working on this quilt last spring.  I wanted a color scheme that I loved and I found this fabric.  It is floral without being super girly and included my favorite colors - orange, yellow, and navy.  I started collecting fabrics based on these colors.  

Inspiration Fabric
My goal with this project was to do it in steps and not skip ahead and make a block and then start over again to make the second block.  I started by cutting out 600 dresden blades, and then chain piecing them.  I then trimmed the seam allowance and docked the corner to create the point.  I used my scissors to turn the point.  I then starched the dickens out of the points and threw them in a box.  Every couple of days or so I would cut a 12.5 inch square, pick out my blades, sew the dresden and appliqued it.  

I admit I got sick of making all those blades day after day.  I wasn't super gentle and ended up poking through some of the points.  Some of the I would work on this project when the mood struck, but I didn't stick with it until it was completed.  It was nice to not place pressure on myself to get it done.  I enjoyed taking my time and creating.

Well, I worked and worked - and ran out of blades.  I was three blocks short. I got super frustrated! I put off the rest of the blocks for some time and then after a few months, I decided to bite the bullet and cut the rest of my blades.  I decided I would make two non-pointed dresdens, just for fun.  I also cut one set of blades shorter than the others to vary the look of the dresdens.

Uh Oh one extra block
 I chose to use the same fabric for the center of each dresden.  I wanted each block to look like it could stand on it's own and also "go" with the other blocks. I think that the middles give a place for they eyes to rest.  

With the remaining yellow fabric, I cut 2.5 inch strips and added a thin border.  For some reason, I don't like the look of blocks without some sort border.  I think it makes me mad because the points get lost.

Ignore the pile of fabric and batting in the right corner

I like how this quilt looks different from different angles

The VERY bestest part of this whole project is that I found 5 yards of vintage navy floral at a thrift shop.  I got the whole piece for 8 bucks!!!  

I plan on using the left over Kona Tangerine or Kona Sunset (perhaps wrong name) for the binding.  I plan on using the extra block and left over to widen the back.
Steal of the Year! (2014)
Once again I am at a loss of how to quilt this one.  I don't want to break a needle, and I only have my little domestic machine to quilt with.  I thought I might just follow the outline of the plates using my walking foot.  

Have any of you ever quilted a dresden?  Any suggestions?