07 December 2014

Quilt Tops and Love

I wanted to blog about the process of one of my most recent quilt top finish for about two weeks.  My husband brought home a nasty virus and we spent about two weeks sick. Hopefully I will get some good pictures of the quilt top for this post.  

It all started with a phone call.  I called home and by brother answered the phone.  We talked about school, Seahawks, a girl who he's interested in, cool YouTube videos, music and such.  And I asked him if he would want a quilt.  He told me he thought that any sort of handmade gift is awesome and special.  

Now this brother is kind of a "black sheep".  Most families have one.  He has made some poor choices and had alot of struggles.  Some of those struggles are self inflicted, others are bumps throughout life, exacerbated by his choices.  There are some days when he thinks I am a corporate sell-out, others that I am the only one who "gets" him.

I asked if he wanted me to make him a quilt, and what sort of color scheme he likes.  He told me that he liked the new Seahawks colors.  I went on to the interwebs and researched the new colors and then I pulled out my trusty grid composition book and started sketching out ideas.

I decided that I would also include the old Seahawks colors as well.  This was the first time I actually sketched out a quilt top instead of just winging it.
notes for 12th man quilt

During planning and sewing of this quilt top I have had very unique impressions that this quilt will serve as a symbol of care and love.  Hopefully I have made it long enough since the guy is over six feet tall.
using notes to layout blocks
seahawks quilt all bound washed and dried

12th man block and my gold toes at the bottom

Have you ever made a quilt or handicraft that you knew would be cherished by the recipient?