12 December 2014

A Friday Finish of Sorts

Although I have been like a little Elf in Santa's workshop, I don't have much to share in the way of my makings, until after the holidays (of course).

I would like to share what I have done with my Low Volume Charm Swap fabrics I participated in with Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe and Melissa at From Bolt to Beauty.  As I opened my squishy package, I loved each print, but thought that if I made a quilt out of exclusive low volume prints, then I knew the quilt would get stained, or have dark jeans bleed over it in the wash.

I decided since all the "heavy lifting" was completed by the ladies and their great job choosing and cutting their charms, I would do a four patch.  I added some fabric from my stash that I had cut in to charms previously.  (I really like bright colors!)

I dug around on pinterest to see what might inspire me.  I decided to do a disappearing four patch to add visual interest AND offer a bit of a challenge.  

I used THIS YouTube tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company.

I found this block to be fairly easy, but once you sew and press you then have to cut, sew and press again.  My sewing set up makes this a wee bit challenging, but perhaps I can scare up a longer table at some point so I can have my machine at one end, my cutting mat at the other and I don't have to set or shove my machine over to make room for the mat to cut and trim.

I am quite pleased with the results. 
Left over blocks from the layout
I decided to set the blocks on point and use some fun chevron fabric as setting squares.  I trimmed my blocks down to about 8 inches and cut 8 inch blocks from the chevron fabric.  

A fun Layout - I think

closest chevron "block" is just the rest of the fabric folded for the picture (HA)

This one is a bit fuzzy

I hope I have enough chevron fabric left to make the setting triangles.  I have never set a quilt on point before and look forward to the challenge.  Good think I have my Robert Kaufman quilting app on my phone!

Have you ever attempted a quilt challenge that made you nervous?

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