06 December 2013

The Story Behind the Case

Travel pillow with trusty yard stick
I had a super idea that I would purchase a travel size pillow to take with me while traveling (imagine that) and instead of purchasing a pillow case for it; I determined I had enough fabric scraps lying around the house that I could sew my own.  

OF COURSE my first stop for inspiration was PINTEREST.  I looked at neat-o pictures.  

I decided I would make something with an envelope back instead of a traditional pillow case with an open end.  I thought it would be an epic fail if I didn't close up the case.

I saw this tutorial and thought I can TOTALLY do this.  

And then I cleaned up my sewing equipment and relocated my crafty and sewing stuff into our "bonus closet" from our spare bedroom (for a future kiddo).  The pillow and fabric sat in there for a month.    


The husband is out of town and I can make a sewing mess and leave the project out with no one to complain.  I figure I can embellish the pillow with a contrasting ruffle.  I was so excited to get started - at 10 pm.  I measured my pillow with my trusty thrift store yard stick, and began trimming my fabric to the "appropriate" sizes.  I began with gathering the contrasting fabric.  I cut a three inch strip thinking it will be enough cuteness to cause squeee!  I changed the stitch length and sewed down each side of the fabric.  I tugged on the ends of the thread and the gather gave be  a bit of trouble and my "carefully" measured ruffle ran a bit short.

Not a fit
But whatever - i'll make it work!  so then I held up the front of the pillow and realized it was few inches long, but no biggie - just trim it off.

I then sewed the envelope pieces and lovingly overlapped them.  Then I held up my beautiful pillow case to my pillow - NOT a fit.

I looked over to my throw pillow on the couch and it was a perfect fit!

So not a pinterest fail, right?!
A beautiful mistake